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We have been connecting businesses and individuals with our members since 1987. By joining our network, you will be added to our referral database for future clients to find.  Your membership also gives you exclusive access to our members-only site where you can:

 • Contact specialized experts for court testimony and case consultation
 • Read professional articles
 • Access our digital forensics solutions and get member discount for services
 • Watch webinars on current topics 
 • Get discounted access to the annual Private Investigators Conference

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First year membership is only $125

Members get access to a regular digest of professional articles and legal updates.  The partial list below is a sample of some of the professional articles you have access to.  Members have access to legal updates and professional articles on topics like Interview & Interrogation, Negotiation, Digital Forensics and more.

Video Surveillance In Tactical Planning

California proposes mandatory kill-switch on phones and tablets

P2 Commander Commands the Attention of Investigators

Password Recovery Tools

Data Recovery and Triage Tools


Investigators Anywhere members receive free anytime access to recorded webinar training presentations.  Topics include interview & Interrogation, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics, Investigative Procedures and more. We’ve made one of these webinars available for you to view now without a membership to our network.

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Approx. 245MB
Mapping Cell Phone Records

As an Investigators Anywhere member you receive discount access to the specialized services of recognized experts in many fields. Those listed below represent only a partial list of experts available for case consultation or expert testimony.

Jack Ryan, J.D. (Policies, Search & Seizure, Warrant Execution)
David Rivers (Homicide, Officer Involved Shooting, Deadly Force)
Mike Coker (Domestic Violence/Homicide)
Lou Reiter (Internal Affairs, Informant Use/Control, Search Warrant Processes)
Glenn Bard (Cyber Crime, Computer Forensics, Digital Evidence)

As an Investigators Anywhere member you not only have discount access to training that will help equip you to conduct your own forensic examinations, you also have discount access to PATCtech Digital Forensics services – an industry leader in the forensic acquisition and analysis of digital evidence.

Whether you’re working a case involving a cheating spouse or assisting with a corporate investigation involving espionage, you have access to forensic services that can recover the electronic evidence you need for your case!

  • Recover deleted data from cell phones and computers
  • Forensic acquisition, analysis and reporting of digital evidence for use in civil or criminal court proceedings
  • Cellular records triangulation and mapping
  • Court Order preparation
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